Why OPPO remains ahead of the curve with its Reno7 Pro 5G
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Why OPPO remains ahead of the curve with its Reno7 Pro 5G

Why OPPO remains ahead of the curve with its Reno7 Pro 5G

Claimed to be the portrait expert, OPPO’s Reno7 Pro 5G allows easy capturing of professional looking portraits

Divsha Bhat

Over the years, smartphones have evolved into an essential part of our everyday lives, providing entertainment, infotainment, besides keeping us linked to the world at large. We can now watch movies, book flights, purchase meals and groceries, make payments, and even play games with just a click (or should I say touch) of our fingers. As smartphone adoption has advanced, so have user demands. Smartphone brands have responded by showing a greater awareness, launching devices that address our very specific needs. This has pushed research in smartphone development, resulting in the use of groundbreaking technologies such as artificial intelligence, fast-charging capabilities and sleek design. 

A step ahead  
Global technology brand OPPO has consistently upped its game and stayed a step ahead in implementing emerging technologies to cater to the needs of the users and their continuously changing buying habits. To provide customers with a flawless experience, the brand recently launched the all-new Reno7 series across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.  

OPPO was the first smartphone brand to unveil a spectacular light show on Ain Dubai, the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel, to celebrate the launch of the device on March 15. The show lit up the Dubai Marina skyline while showcasing the unique and innovative features of the series, including the industry’s first orbit breathing light (ORB), the Startrails Glow design and the 65W SuperVOOC flash charge.  

“To mark this launch, it felt only right that we light up one of the most iconic landmarks in Dubai Marina, Ain Dubai, bringing our key USPs to life and celebrating the Reno7 series with all our fans in the city,” Ethan Xue, president of OPPO MEA, said at the time of the launch.  

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Compact yet powerful 
The Reno7 Pro 5G, the flagship model of the series, is designed to bring unlimited possibilities “through a completely upgraded portrait photo and video experience, upgraded power and performance, and the convenient and inclusive ColorOS 12,” says the company.  

True to its words, the slim and lightweight Reno7 Pro 5G looks stunning with a matte finish shimmery back panel. The smartphone is 7.45mm and 180gms which comes with a 6.5-inch full HD + AMOLED display and a 90Hz refresh rate. The brightness of the phone can be adjusted manually to reduce eye strain. However, the user can also keep the auto switch on for the same, and it can work just as effectively.  

Powered by MediaTek Dimensity, OPPO claims that the Reno7 Pro 5G delivers super-fast 5G performance. Moreover, with its long battery life, which is further extended by 65W SuperVOOC charging technology, and advanced gaming features, users can enjoy an immersive entertainment experience for an extended period of time. 

The Reno7 Pro 5G is among the first series of smartphones to include the new ColorOS 12 out of the box. Built around an inclusive design concept, the ColorOS 12 can significantly improve productivity and privacy. “At OPPO, we handle data privacy and information security at levels that exceed industry standards.”
The company has been certified by third parties including ISO, ePrivacy and trustArc.

Furthermore, its anti-peeping notifications help protect user’s privacy when using the phone in public areas. “With the feature enabled, detailed notification content will be hidden if the phone detects someone else looking at your screen when the message pops up,” says OPPO. The brand has also introduced the Omoji feature for the first time on ColorOS 12. It is a 3D animated emoji feature boosted by OPPO’s face capture algorithm, letting users express their unique style through a personalised emoji avatar. 

The smartphone also comes with an extensive 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM configuration and OPPO’s RAM expansion technology.  

The industry-first approach 
With the launch of the Reno7 series, OPPO has also marked many industry-first achievements. For example, the smartphone brand has made use of the industry-first application of Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) technology on the back cover of a phone. To quickly recap, LDI, also known as photolithography, is a process that uses lasers to etch patterns and textures onto photosensitive layers called photoresists. With the help of this technology, the crystals that make up the OPPO Glow design can be aligned more precisely, creating a refined finish that feels delicate. 

Furthermore, it has also used the orbit breathing light (ORB), another industry-first on the Reno7 Pro 5G. This technology uses a 3D circular breathing light to surround the camera area on the back of the phone. The 1mm diameter fibre is bent into a ring around the camera area, emitting light when the phone receives an incoming call or notification or while the device is being charged. 
The portrait expert 
As user demand for upgraded smartphone photography and videography capabilities grows, OPPO has been investing heavily into hardware and software innovations for years to further enhance its imaging capabilities. Having applied AI technologies across a wide range of applications, including photography, the company claims Reno7 Pro 5G to be a portrait expert. 

True to its words, the newly launched phone boasts the ultimate Portrait Camera System, with two imaging sensors — the IMX709 and the IMX766 — laying the foundations of this completely upgraded portrait imaging experience. The phone has a triple rear camera with a 50MP primary camera, an 8MP ultrawide angle, and a 2MP macro camera. The front camera supports 32MP. 

OPPO is the first smartphone brand to use the DOL-HDR technology on the front camera. This helps users sample different frames of the same image at different exposure levels almost simultaneously and fuse them into one image with a greater dynamic range. Furthermore, with the updated Bokeh Flare Portrait Video and AI Highlight Video features and an all-new Portrait Mode, users can easily capture professional-looking portraits, both in video and photo. 

With Bokeh Flare Portrait for photo and video available on both the front and back cameras of Reno7 Pro 5G, it’s now easy to record videos and pictures with dream-like bokeh lights as your glittering backdrop. AI Highlight Video on Reno7 Pro 5G automatically detects ambient light, so whether you’re shooting at night or with the bright backlight during sunset, AI Highlight Video is there to help you capture clearer, brighter, and more vivid portrait videos on both the front- and rear-camera. 

Unlimited gaming experience
Mobile gaming has witnessed a meteoric rise in recent years driven by increasing adoption of mobile-first markets, especially with the younger generation and millennials. Mordor Intelligence projects that the mobile gaming market will grow at a compound annual rate of 12.3 percent from 2021 to 2026. Increasing smartphone penetration and technology advancement, in conjunction with the use of emerging technologies to develop games, have played a major role in the development of the mobile gaming industry.

To keep up with the rising demands of the users, OPPO has always strived to deliver a superior gaming experience with the Reno series. This time the brand has added X-Axis Linear Motor to the Reno7 Pro 5G. This delivers varying levels of vibration feedback where gamers can immerse themselves into an immersive gaming experience. “It’s ultra-touch response intelligently identifies gaming situations and increases the touch sampling rate up to as much as 1000Hz to accelerate reaction speeds,” says OPPO. Moreover, the device features an AI frame rate stabiliser that analyses the frame rate in real time and adjusts the frame rate if it detects fluctuations, ensuring consistently smooth gameplay.

What’s next
In this era of invisible innovations, smartphones complete potential is yet to be realised. According to a Deloitte report, consumer demand for mobile-friendly experiences is expected to grow. By the end of 2023, penetration of smartphones among adults in developed countries is expected to surpass 90 per cent. With more innovative technologies being added to these devices in the coming years, smartphones are likely to become the primary means of communication and interaction between people. OPPO aims to establish this strong and continuous connection that binds its customers under a united ecosystem. The success of Reno7 series hasn’t stopped the brand from working towards its next innovation in exploring the endless possibilities of the smartphone – which will propel the flagship series to new heights.

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