Meet Amit Dhariwal, managing partner, Hridaan Realty
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Real Estate Moguls: Meet Amit Dhariwal, managing partner, Hridaan Realty

Real Estate Moguls: Meet Amit Dhariwal, managing partner, Hridaan Realty

Dhariwal is expanding his entrepreneurial reach to Dubai to replicate the success and excellence achieved in India

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Dhariwal is expanding his ventures to Dubai

As a first-generation entrepreneur, Amit Dhariwal’s journey has been fuelled by an unyielding desire to reach great heights despite the inherent risks. Dhariwal’s unwavering commitment to the success of his business ventures has won him recognition as a leader in the real estate industry.

Today, the rigour, sincerity and confidence invested are paying off, exemplified by his real estate company, Hridaan Realty.

Embarking on his recent venture, Dhariwal seeks to revolutionise co-living and raise the bar for luxury living. Through a unique model of fractional ownership of commercial preleased assets and high-end co-living spaces, Dhariwal intends to cater to expats, professionals and students.

Dhariwal embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19 after he graduated from university, seizing an opportunity to work under the guidance of a close relative, who was a business tycoon of his time.

Through varied roles and responsibilities, Dhariwal eventually assumed control of a newly acquired business, transforming it into a profitable venture within just five years. This pivotal moment shaped his career and propelled him toward his true passions: hospitality, real estate consultancy and development, and the automobile sector.

Hridaan Realty, Dhariwal’s premier real estate venture, has ascended to a position of prominence to emerge as one of the top advisors and investment companies, not only within India but also in the UAE.

A seasoned entrepreneur

Dhariwal is a partner in one of India’s renowned ice cream brands, a significant player in the Italian culinary scene through interests in restaurants, and a distribution partner for India’s largest automobile brand, among various other ventures. Beyond these established partnerships, Dhariwal’s entrepreneurial spirit has propelled him into the world of promising startups that align with his vision and values.

For Dhariwal, power transcends mere monetary success. It lies in the ability to influence everyone towards the common goals of the organisation. Love, intelligence, charisma, kindness, setting good examples, and wisdom are the true sources of power.

While reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Dhadiwal emphasises the importance of pursuing passion and converting it into a profession.

“Working hard for something we love is the epitome of passion, ensuring a life without regrets,” he says.

Dhariwal is expanding his entrepreneurial reach beyond India by expanding his ventures to Dubai — a dynamic and thriving market. His goal is to replicate the success and excellence achieved in India, offering a taste of luxury and sophistication to discerning consumers in Dubai. The endeavour is rooted in the belief that quality knows no bounds.

Dhariwal’s advice to fellow dreamers is simple — never give up on your dreams.

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