UAE weather: When does summer officially start?
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When does summer start in the UAE?

When does summer start in the UAE?

The prevailing foggy conditions signify the transition of seasons from winter to summer, which is distinguished by variability and a rapid change in weather patterns

Marisha Singh
summer in the UAE

While summer is yet to officially begin in the UAE, the sweltering and humid heat seems to have already set in.

Furthermore, the pre-summer fog conditions have intensified in recent days with the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issuing multiple red alerts to notify of low visibility during the morning hours.

The foggy conditions herald the transition of seasons from the winter months to summer ones, which is distinguished by variability and rapid change in weather, as per the World Bank Group’s climate platform.

Temperatures in the UAE, during the first transitional period (April to May) ranges from 26 degrees C to 33.5 degrees C, as per historical data.

However, in recent weeks the NCM has forecast temperatures in the 40 degrees C to 45 degrees C range, for most parts of the UAE.

Image credit: World Bank

The NCM in its weekly forecast has predicted that temperatures will cross the 45 degrees C mark in the emirates of Sharjah and Al Ain.

The summer season, which is officially declared by the Emirates Astronomical Society in June and lasts until September, is characterised by extremely high temperature which can be expected to climb up to 50 degrees C, especially over the southern parts of the country.

During the summer months, the UAE government implements seasonal working hours to ensure the health and safety of workers deployed in the field.

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