Revealed: Western Publishing Editors In UAE Earn 82% More Than Asian Peers
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Revealed: Western Publishing Editors In UAE Earn 82% More Than Asian Peers

Revealed: Western Publishing Editors In UAE Earn 82% More Than Asian Peers

Overall, salaries in the UAE have risen by 9.97 per cent year-on-year to around $11,224 per month, finds 2015 Gulf Business salary survey.


Expatriate professionals in the UAE have seen salaries increasing by 9.97 per cent, up $1,018 a month from $10,206 in 2014 to $11,224 this year, according to the Gulf Business 2015 Salary Survey.

However, the survey once again highlighted the vast racial pay differences that exist in the country.

On average, Western expats earn $12,550 per month, 32 per cent more than their Asian peers in the country who make roughly $9,485 per month, the survey found.

Arab expatriates make $11,637 – 22.6 per cent more than Asians.

Stark differences in pay were particularly visible for certain roles – a media publishing editor, if Asian, makes $5,070 and if Western, pockets $9,259 per month – a whopping 82.6 per cent more, and if Arab, earns $8,702.

The amount made by a Western construction project manager at $14,050 is also 48.5 per cent more than his/her Asian peer, who pockets $9,458, and 22 per cent higher than his/her Arab counterpart, who makes $11,479 per month, the survey found.

“That gap for people being paid by their nationality is changing very slowly and people are being paid more for their ability and the job role, but I don’t think it will ever be completely eradicated, not in my lifetime anyway,” said Ian Giulianotti, director at Nadia Recruitment Consultants.

Going ahead, he forecasts overall salary growth of five per cent over the next two to three years in the UAE.

Experts believe that an abundance of talent in the Emirates, thanks to its flexible and open labour market, means expats may need to look elsewhere to earn significantly more.

“Whilst the UAE and Dubai are alluring to regionally and internationally- based candidates, there is, at times, a disconnect between people’s perceived expectations and the reality of packages on offer,” said Gareth Clayton senior director at Charterhouse Middle East.

“This, quite often, is the trade- off for the openness and cosmopolitan nature of UAE, which people still crave.”


All the amounts are monthly averages taken from Asian, Western and Arab expat salaries.

1. CEO/MD, multinational– $38,839.6

2. CEO/MD, local company – $22,301.6

3. Banking, treasury manager – $12,362

4. Construction, project manager – $11,662.3

5. Information Technology, manager – $11,287

6. Human Resources, manager – $10,999

7. Legal, lawyer marketer/manager –$10,101.6

8. Media, advertising creative manager – $9,821

9. Media, public relations manager – $9,804.6

10. Banking, branch manager – $9,679.6

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The 2015 Salary Survey was compiled based on inputs from regional recruitment companies including Nadia, Charterhouse and Michael Page.

For the full survey, pick up the March edition of Gulf Business, available now.


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