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A week in the life of…Benny Parihar

A week in the life of…Benny Parihar

Dubai-based CRYO Holdings’ partner Parihar says his weekly schedule includes meeting, travelling and chilling – quite literally


I wake up at 6:45am and head for a cryotherapy session at one of our spas. We use the extreme cold for cosmetic and medical treatments. Then I am at the office for 9:30am preparing for our launch at Fit Republik in Dubai Sports City. It is our first setup in the United Arab Emirates within a health club. Most of my day is spent with our chief marketing officer Tania Sawaya, a seasoned veteran in the industry with a vast knowledge of the health and wellness market. I also meet with one of our service partners, Mac Makowski, in charge of our liquefied gas trading and transport division.


During our Monday meeting our Dubai offices are abuzz with excitement regarding upcoming projects. I end the meeting and escort our guests, and rush home to change and head to the airport. I meet some distributors and manufacturers in Wroclaw, Poland, followed by a team dinner to toast our success.


Arriving early in Dubai, I head to our Emirates Towers facility. A three- minute full body, session refreshes the mind and body and eliminates jetlag. I have a brief meeting with our general manager, Ali Omar, who has been with the team since the company’s inception. At the office I sit with my marketing, sales and business development department managers for our weekly management meeting. I also catch up on calls and emails, ending my day with a long Skype meeting with my business partner Kai Stubbe. He is in the United States for the launch of CRYO Los Angeles. We forecast 40 locations in the next two years. I end my day with a cycling session followed by dinner.


I wake up at 6:45am to another Los Angeles Skype call. We have recently launched our new website. It cements our position in the international cryotherapy community, allowing our franchise partners direct association to a four letter iconic word. I am in the middle of training for an Iceland expedition, so I go for my usual pre-workout freeze and train at Platform 3 Fitness. This is followed by a sports massage, dinner and a Skype session with Kai.


I have a breakfast meeting with my vice president of business development Kristofer O’ Dowd, an ex National Football League athlete. He gives insights into the private installations he is working on for different sports clubs around the region. We discuss the sales division and private home installations in the pipeline along with current installations in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. I then head to the office for a quick meeting with vice president of strategy Serene Shalan. We brainstorm competitive analysis, explore potential opportunities and map out new territories to expand our business. I have a CRYO session and nip in for dinner and drinks at La Cantine at Emirates Towers.


Friday is usually my day off but in a business like ours we can never really disconnect. I wake up at 9am and have a workout at 10am followed by a sports massage. I then return home to relax and unwind, take some time for myself and work on my hobby, photography and videography. Currently I am working on editing some pictures and home videos. I have a Skype call with Kai at 6pm and spend the rest of the day with friends and family. I love to have people over and entertain.


I love Saturdays – it is for planning my week ahead. I recently moved to a new house where I am in the process of constructing a pool and entertainment area. To discuss this, I meet with my architect and project manager. Even though it is not a working day, I head over to the office for a few hours then head home for a cycling session, followed by a massage at home and dinner.


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