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A week in the life of… Andy Levey, head of marketing, La Perle by Dragone

A week in the life of… Andy Levey, head of marketing, La Perle by Dragone

Levey details his packed schedule as the aqua-theatre show prepares to launch



I start my week at the La Perle theatre, which is situated between the St. Regis Dubai and W Dubai in Al Habtoor City. Here we are putting the finishing touches to a spectacular aqua-theatre that is unlike any other theatre in the world. My first meeting is with our executive team, where we address the progress and developments of each department. Later I hold a session with the marketing and sales team, mapping out our strategy based on the latest updates and approaching milestones.


Today the marketing team has its weekly agency meeting to share updates and briefings on upcoming initiatives. We also work to ensure that our brand stands out in a busy market and leaves an unforgettable impression. As a new permanent entertainment venue in Dubai, our vision is to ensure that La Perle becomes one of the must-see attractions for tourists. In the afternoon, we meet with the executive team from Al Habtoor Group, the company that brought Franco Dragone to Dubai to create La Perle.


I make an early start to a day filled with tours and interviews. We are in the education phase of our campaign and this requires a lot of ‘show and tell’. Being a new type of production for the region, it is important for our partners and potential partners to understand exactly what La Perle will be, not only from a show perspective, but from the customer experience side as well.


I head to Studio City to meet with the Dragone production team and watch the cast in training. We’ve taken over the largest sound stage in the region and turned it into a state-of-the-art facility where our 65 world-class artists train for up to 10 hours a day. Our resident artistic director shares with me the latest developments on the cast and the progress in the training and formation phase. I watch a selection of new videos with our filmmaker, who is embedded within the cast and is filming their personal and professional lives in Dubai.


Today, Franco Dragone and his creative team from Belgium arrive in Dubai. Franco presents his latest concepts and renderings of the show, and we go through storyboards, costume designs and the cutting-edge technology that he wants to bring into the theatre. There are so many moving parts to the production, and we need to ensure they all work seamlessly together. In the evening, the executive team and the Dragone creative team have a work dinner at Zoco in the Atrium, where we debrief over delicious Latin American cuisine.


Friday is full of family activities. I take my eldest daughter to her swimming lesson in the morning before we head over to a farmer’s market to pick up vegetables and treats for the weekend. In the afternoon, while the children nap, I catch up on emails and plan my week ahead. In early evening, my wife and I take our daughters for a walk along the new Dubai Water Canal.


Today we pack our bags and head to the beach for the morning. No matter the temperature, the beach is always a great way for us to relax. Cold winters are a thing of the past, having moved to Dubai directly from Montreal and we take full advantage of the beautiful weather. In the late afternoon, we head to Burj Park for a picnic. It’s my day to really switch off and refresh before getting ready for another week of show business.


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