Weather alert: More rains, reduced visibility in the UAE

Stormy conditions on Sunday night led to warnings from authorities to stay indoors, as events were cancelled across the country

Heavy rain accompanies by strong winds lashed out across the UAE on Sunday night, with the Met department forecasting rainy conditions for Monday and Tuesday as well.

The sudden stormy conditions on Sunday night led to warnings from authorities to stay indoors, as events – including a concert by Dua Lipa for the first anniversary of the Louvre Abu Dhabi – were cancelled across the country.

Videos posted on social media showed lightning and thunder accompanying the rains on Sunday night.

In its daily weather bulletin, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) cautioned of cloudy weather on Monday, accompanied with rainfall over scattered areas, especially over some western and northern coastal regions.

It also warned of strong winds, with speeds of between 20 – 35km/hr, and reaching 45 km/hr especially over the sea. This is expected to cause blowing dust and sand, with poor horizontal visibility at times.

The NCM also said that the seas will be rough, especially with clouds in the Arabian Gulf.

The weather conditions are forecast to be humid at night, with a chance of mist formation.

Similar weather was predicted for Tuesday, with the rainfall anticipated to cause a further drop in temperatures, the NCM said.

Police officials have urged motorists to drive safely during the adverse weather conditions and to stick to speed limits.

On Monday morning, a senior official from the Abu Dhabi police also told a news channel that one of the methods being used to reduce speeds in volatile weather conditions includes the installation of metal plates including lighting flashes indicating adherence to speed of 80 km/hour on highways.