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Watch: How to prepare for and respond to a cyber attack?

Watch: How to prepare for and respond to a cyber attack?

In this special webinar, Jan Tietze from cyber security company SentinelOne, goes through the threat hunting process

With remote working suddenly the new norm in many parts of the world – including the UAE – due to the Covid-19 pandemic, several companies have been struggling to ensure their systems remain secure.

Attackers are also taking advantage of the current situation, with the threat landscape changing by the day.

So how can companies combat growing cyber threats while safeguarding and protecting their systems? How can they ensure efficiency with limited operational resources, an increasingly distributed workforce, and massive information flows?

In this special webinar, The Threat Hunting Challenge, Jan Tietze, director of Security Strategy EMEA at cyber security company SentinelOne, reveals how best to detect threats and respond to cyber attacks to ensure your data remains secure.

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