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Watch: A Honda advertisement filmed entirely at home in the UAE

Watch: A Honda advertisement filmed entirely at home in the UAE

A full-scale miniature Honda Civic model can be seen gliding across the floor of a living room

Honda civic

Amid the ongoing Coivd-19 pandemic, the authorities in the UAE have urged people to stay home.

In the emirate of Dubai, there is a 24-hour restriction on movements of individuals as a precautionary measure, with people only allowed to exit their homes for essential purposes.

That hasn’t stymied creative talent though, with Japanese carmaker Honda creating what it says “might be the first car commercial directed, edited and watches entirely from home.”

Gulf Business’ sister publication Campaign Middle East revealed further details about the new ad.

It said that Honda UAE together with Memac Ogilvy Dubai found a way to create this short film that not only showcases the Honda Civic but reinforces the #StayHome message.

For its new commercial, Trading Enterprises – Honda used a full-scale miniature Honda Civic.

The camera can be seen panning across the exterior surface of the car as it glides across the surface of the floor of what appears to be a living room.

The ad is interspersed with shots of home furniture, a window and a plush rug, further suggesting that the idea is built around staying home.

The 35-second advertisement closes with the slogan: “Until We Drive Again. #StayHome”


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