Voices from the MENA region's women in tech
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Voices from the MENA region’s women in tech

Voices from the MENA region’s women in tech

As the IT industry grows, so will opportunities for everyone – including women, who often do not have the same opportunities available to them in an arguably male-dominated field

Divsha Bhat

Technology has no gender and yet we cannot deny that women are under-represented in this field. Kaspersky’s 2021 Women in Tech report shows that despite the opportunity to use problem-solving skills (44 per cent) or to work in a well-paid profession (40 per cent), the majority of women in the sector have not been encouraged to do so by outside sources such as family and society.

As you will see from the following essays by women in technology leadership roles, they were unanimous in their belief diversity is essential within the industry. In addition, they believe that collaboration between genders and nationalities can lead to better problem solving skills and increased innovation.

According to the TrustRadius 2021 Women in Tech Report, which surveyed over 450 tech workers (66 per cent of whom identified as women), the main issue highlighted by women in tech was the need to work harder than their male peers to establish their value (78 per cent). Meanwhile, 39 per cent of women in tech also believe gender prejudice is a barrier to advancement in 2021.

Up to 78 per cent of the respondents believe organisations should promote more women to senior roles while also considering mentorship opportunities, flexible working hours, and equal maternity and paternity leave. The report also found that gender-diverse teams can be more efficient and are capable of making critical choices twice as fast and in half the time.

Previous studies have also shown that having more women in leadership positions can aid a company’s financial performance and improve organisational outcomes.The good news is that change is happening; according to the Kaspersky report, 53 per cent of the respondents agree that the number of women in senior IT or technology roles in their organisation has increased over the past two years. What is required now is for that pace of change to be accelerated and for regional tech operators to champion gender diversity as a priority.

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