LCRE CEO Shitij Kapoor shares his outlook on Dubai's luxe property market

Realty check: Luxury Concierge Real Estate’s Shitij Kapoor shares his outlook on Dubai’s luxury property market


Shitij Kapoor, Luxury Concierge Real Estate’s founder and CEO, says the emirate’s luxury real estate market is poised for more growth in 2024.

“Dubai’s real estate market continues to achieve outstanding historical performance and sustainable growth, with record transaction values month-over-month in line with expanding investors’ choices and options to invest in the city,” shares Kapoor, a serial entrepreneur and key figure in the emirate’s real estate sector for over a decade and a half.

Kapoor attributes the upward trend seen over the past three years to Dubai’s dynamic economy, vibrant lifestyle, strategic location, favourable tax regime, exceptional infrastructure, world-class healthcare facilities, safe environment and the allure of the Golden Visa programme. “These factors have collectively drawn high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and wealthy investors to the region, surpassing expectations.”

Their interest is not limited to just luxury real estate, he adds. “Dubai’s real estate market offers compelling investment opportunities, catering to different preferences. From the luxury property market to commercial spaces to hospitality, the range ensures that potential investors can align their choices with their investment objectives.

“I am very optimistic that these trends will not abate anytime soon.”


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