GMG CEO Mohammad A Baker chats to Gulf Business on going beyond retail

Going beyond retail: GMG CEO Mohammad A Baker talks about strategy, success and future plans


GMG is one of the region’s most dynamic retail behemoths with interests in diverse sectors, including food, sports, everyday goods, wellbeing, and logistics. The driving force behind the continuing success and expansion of the brand can be credited to the young and dynamic CEO of the group, Mohammad A Baker.

Baker, who has inherited his father’s ambition and business perspicacity, has nurtured and navigated the brand’s expansion admirably. He says: “Over the years, I’ve learned some valuable business lessons, some of which have been shaped by the wisdom of my father, who is the heart and soul of GMG. These lessons continue to guide me on our journey of innovation and excellence.”

Speaking of the company’s plans for the future, GMG’s CEO says, “Our vision is bold, our goals are ambitious, and we intend to continue to push ourselves to deliver the best products and experiences to our consumers. We have forged strong international partnerships and introduced new brands and concepts to the markets we serve.

“We want to be at the forefront of inspiring people to lead better lives. The vision we set for 2024 is not just a blueprint; it’s a testament to our commitment to well-being, growth, and innovation.”


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