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Video: Abu Dhabi police stop SUV whose cruise control failed

Video: Abu Dhabi police stop SUV whose cruise control failed

The incident occurred on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain road

A video posted on the Abu Dhabi Police’s official Instagram page earlier this afternoon showed the operation to bring an out-of-control SUV to halt safely.

It is not clear when the incident occurred, but the driver of the SUV which was on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road set his car to cruise control when driving at 130kph.

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However, when he went to disengage the cruise control he found that it had become unresponsive and his brakes had failed too.

He immediately called the police control room. The officer calmed the driver while the control room dispatched a total of 15 patrol vehicles and two ambulances. The patrol vehicles cleared the road ahead of the car.

In a daring maneuver, one of the patrol cars swung ahead of the SUV and reduced its speed allowing it to bump into the back of the patrol car until the SUV was brought to a complete halt.

By that time a small fire had developed under the car which was quickly extinguished. Incredibly, the entire incident did not result in a single injury.


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