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Video: Abu Dhabi Police Detain Suspect In Mall Murder

Video: Abu Dhabi Police Detain Suspect In Mall Murder

The suspect has been identified as a 38-year-old Emirati woman.

Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that they have detained the person suspected of murdering an American woman in an Abu Dhabi mall on Monday.

In a message on Twitter, the police said: “With God’s grace & exceptional follow-up by UAE leaders, our security forces have detained the face-covered criminal.”

The message was also accompanied by a video clipping showing the entire operation that led to them to the so-called ‘Reem Island ghost.’

In a press event, Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, Minister of Interior, told reporters that a 38-year-old Emirati woman was taken into custody within 48 hours of the crime.

He also revealed that the suspect was plotting to plant a bomb in front of an American doctor’s home in Abu Dhabi.

He said that the suspect did not know any of the victims personally, but targeted them based on their nationality.

“Today, we’re witnessing an unprecedented heinous crime in the UAE…The UAE defends human rights and values of justice and security both domestically and abroad,” he said.

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An earlier video clip released by the police showed CCTV footage of the alleged suspect, clad in an abaya, black gloves and a niqab, at the Boutique Mall in Reem Island before and after the attack.

The victim, identified by US media reports as 47-year-old American kindergarten teacher Ibolya Ryan, was stabbed in the toilet and later succumbed to her injuries.


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