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US And Allies Have Conducted 341 Strikes In Iraq, Syria

US And Allies Have Conducted 341 Strikes In Iraq, Syria

Except for eight strikes against the Khorasan Group in Syria, all have been against Islamic State militants.

The United States and its allies have conducted at least 341 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria since Aug. 9, according to statements issued by U.S. Central Command up to Monday.

Of these, 94 were in Syria and 247 in Iraq. With the exception of eight strikes against the al Qaeda-related Khorasan Group in Syria on Sept. 23, all have been against Islamic State militants.

Central Command says the coalition has destroyed or damaged:

– 40 Islamic State tanks and other armored vehicles

– At least 160 “armed vehicles,” carrying machine guns, anti-aircraft weaponry, rockets or similar equipment

– 59 U.S.-built Humvees seized by the Islamic State group from Iraqi forces

– 66 various other vehicles

Central Command also reported the following attacks on Islamic State forces:

– 55 strikes on fighting positions

– 21 on checkpoints

– 7 on command posts

– 7 on improvised explosive device (IED) emplacements

– 39 strikes on other targets variously described as buildings, arms caches, training camps, etc

It said the attacks on the Khorasan Group near Aleppo, Syria, destroyed three command posts as well as three other buildings used by the small cell of hardened al Qaeda militants who had planned attacks on Europe or the United States.

Central Command has reported no casualties among the coalition except for one U.S. service member killed on Oct. 1 in a V-22 Osprey crash in the Gulf.


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