Unlocking the potential of AI across industries: Hear it at Deep Fest 2024
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Unlocking the potential of AI across industries: Hear it at DeepFest 2024

Unlocking the potential of AI across industries: Hear it at DeepFest 2024

From revolutionising customer interactions to advancing national security, AI holds promise for shaping the future of technology and human interaction

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Artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology and as an industry is constantly evolving. Two countries alone – the US and China have released 37, and 79 large language models respectively in the span of just three years.

Industry experts are finding new ways to apply and utilise the potential of AI. Its diverse applications span various sectors – from revolutionising business interactions to bolstering national security measures, from healthcare to administration, AI’s impact is omnipresent.

Power of AI

In a recent interview, Rana Gujral, CEO at Behavioral Signals, shed light on the transformative power of cognitive AI and its applications across various industries. Gujral emphasised the intersection of emotion and cognition through AI, which challenges conventional boundaries and paves the way for innovative solutions driven by the technology.

Gujral explains that his firm – Behavioral Signals, is pushing the boundaries of AI by solving complex problems related to cognition, emotion, and even human behaviour.

Behavioral Signals’ AI-Mediated Conversations (AI-MC) technology revolutionises call routing by leveraging emotion AI and voice data.

By matching customers with suitable agents based on profile data and advanced algorithms, the technology enhances human interaction in business communications. For example, AI-MC optimises sales calls, support interactions, and collections by creating affinity between parties.

Conversational bioprint

A key innovation by Behavioral Signals is the Conversational Bioprint, which codifies individuals’ unique conversational traits. By analysing acoustics from previous interactions, the technology creates accurate behavioral profiles to facilitate productive conversations.

This approach enhances outcomes, such as improved customer experiences and increased sales. Gujral explains, “The power of Cognitive AI, especially when combined with models steeped in psychology, is immense in augmenting the human experience. By understanding and interpreting the nuances of human emotion and behaviour, Cognitive AI can transform how we interact with technology and each other.

He adds, “In the context of AI-Mediated Conversations, this means not only enhancing the effectiveness of communication but also providing agents with tools that make them more satisfied and effective in their work.”


Gujral envisions emotional AI technologies evolving towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), replicating essential brain functions. Beyond commercial applications, Behavioral Signals pioneers emotional AI in national security and law enforcement. By understanding human emotions and behaviors, these technologies enhance decision-making and situational awareness.

Advice for entrepreneurs in AI

The AI entrepreneur advises those venturing into the field to observe and understand gaps in the AI ecosystem. By focusing on tools that simplify model development, entrepreneurs can provide value and drive innovation. He adds flexibility and adaptability are crucial in the dynamic AI landscape, ensuring relevance and success.

Gujral explains, “Remember, innovation in AI isn’t just about groundbreaking algorithms or cutting-edge technologies; it’s also about making these technologies more accessible and usable. As an entrepreneur, if you can bridge the gap between complex AI models and practical, real-world applications, you’ll not only contribute significantly to the field but also position your venture for success.”

From revolutionising customer interactions to advancing national security, cognitive AI holds promise for shaping the future of technology and human interaction. Gujral, and other entrepreneurs, thought leaders and users will come together to discuss and ideate the potential of AI at the upcoming DeepFest 2024. The region’s premier artificial intelligence AI event is being held from March 4 to 7 in Riyadh.

The gathering is vital for networking, learning, and discussing both the opportunities and challenges presented by AI technologies, fostering a community that drives the field forward.

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