UAE’s ICA unveils new generation Emirates ID
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UAE’s ICA unveils new generation Emirates ID

UAE’s ICA unveils new generation Emirates ID

The new card includes upgraded features like enhanced protection and 3D picture

Divsha Bhat

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) launched the second generation of the country’s Emirates ID card. The new ID will have enhanced protection of invisible data, advanced technical and technological characteristics and a high-quality card with a longer life.

It will also feature consolidated 3D photo, and additional fields with codes definition.

The authority said that they will start printing the new card for customers after the first stage use of its electronic version.

Major-general Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, acting director-general of the ICA explained that the beneficiaries of the new card at this stage are for those whose cards have expired, as well as the requests for lost or damaged ones.

He pointed out that it is preferable to use the valid card until its expiry date and to benefit from the updated ID upon renewal.

He also confirmed that there are no changes in the list of approved fees for the application process and issuance of ID cards.

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