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UAE’s ENEC confirms unit one of nuclear plant over 84% complete

UAE’s ENEC confirms unit one of nuclear plant over 84% complete

Unit one is scheduled to begin operations in 2017

UAE’s ENEC confirms unit one of nuclear plant over 84% complete

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation has confirmed that the first unit of the nuclear energy plant in the United Arab Emirates is now more than 84 per cent complete.

Unit one of the Barakah plant is scheduled to begin operations next year.

ENEC has completed cold hydrostatic testing at the unit, a crucial step in preparing the plant for commercial operations, it said in a statement.

The test verified that welds, joints, pipes and components of the reactor coolant system and associated high-pressure systems meet quality standards, as per the regulations of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation.

During the testing, previously processed water filled the primary circuit and was circulated by the reactor coolant pumps. These pumps will help to maintain a safe temperature inside the reactor during operations, the statement added.

The test follows the completion of the energisation of the switchyard for units one and two and the “substantial completion” of the auxiliary building at unit one.

ENEC’s chief executive officer Mohamed Al Hammadi said: “With the completion of cold hydrostatic testing at unit one and the energisation of the switchyard, we are moving closer to achieving our goal of supplying up to a quarter of our nation’s electricity needs with low-carbon, sustainable nuclear energy.”

The switchyard connects the plant with the transmission network of the Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company and the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority, allowing electricity that will be generated at the plant to be carried to UAE homes and businesses.

It also enables the plant to draw power from the transmission grid to support commissioning and operational testing.

The Barakah nuclear plant will eventually consist of four nuclear power generating units, housed in two plants, with a combined capacity of approximately 5,600MW.

ENEC confirmed that unit two is now 64 per cent complete and overall construction is now more than 58 per cent done.

The first 1,400 MW unit is scheduled for completion in 2017 and additional units will follow at twelve monthly intervals.

The fourth and final unit is set to begin commercial operations in 2020, pending regulatory reviews and licensing.

Upon completion, the UAE’s nuclear programme will provide approximately 25 per cent of the country’s electricity needs, saving up to 12 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.


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