UAE’s digital future rests on a skilled workforce
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UAE’s digital future rests on a skilled workforce

UAE’s digital future rests on a skilled workforce

Empowering the next generation of leaders with digital skills and education is imperative for the UAE’s continued global success


The realities of 2020 brought forth a stark realisation that a robust information and communications technology (ICT) sector is vital for our global economy’s continuous growth. Our world changed in ways few could have expected due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, and technology has enabled business continuity and ensured that the wheels of our economy keep turning. It has helped us transition into whatever our ‘new normal’ will be as smooth as possible.

ICT will continue to be the fuel behind society’s progress, especially in a country like the UAE, where the government is keen to pursue the immense potential of connectivity. There is no time more pertinent than the present to invest in talent development, specifically in the ICT sector, to ensure that there is an ample supply of qualified people available to leverage technology in realising the ambitious plans of the UAE’s leaders.

Knowledge and skills are the cornerstones of progress. ICT technologies promote equal access to education and serve as a building block of digital skills education. And talent building is a crucial component of national development. The UAE enjoys a strong position as a globally competitive ICT hub, as well as having leaders who are prompting socio-economic growth on the back of cutting-edge technologies. These two factors alone make it essential for local talent to be nurtured, strengthening the ICT ecosystem. After all, massive investment in building infrastructure and capabilities will only get you so far – talent is what will allow the UAE to go above and beyond in terms of ICT implementation, R&D, and advancements.

As a long-term contributor to the UAE’s ICT ecosystem, Huawei has every confidence in the country, achieving every goal it sets. Understanding the value of ICT expertise in attaining a connected future, Huawei has committed to developing 10,000 ICT professionals in the UAE in the next three years, contributing substantially to the growth of the local ICT ecosystem. Within the education sector, Huawei focuses on four types of programs: skills on wheels, connecting all schools, empowering the unempowered, and building a thriving ICT ecosystem. Together with its partners, Huawei is committed to providing equal access to high-quality educational opportunities for people of different regions and groups using ICT. Additionally, by working with government entities and leading academic establishments, Huawei will foster a new generation of ICT experts in the UAE through educational programs that focus on the most current technologies.

From artificial intelligence to 5G, state-of-the-art tech solutions are what will drive the digital economy of the future. It is empowering our economic growth, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Internet of Things, diversification, healthcare, education, travel and transportation, and every other sector – and enabling Emirati talent with the ability to innovate within these fields will further strengthen the country’s journey as a trailblazing nation. At Huawei, we are committed to sharing technology, experience, and talent cultivation standards gained from years of operations in the ICT industry. We have worked with many educational authorities, universities, education institutes, partners, and other ecosystem players from around the world to build an open and favourable ICT talent ecosystem that thrives on shared success.

The Emirati people have already made it to the stars and back, and this a testament to the UAE’s strong will to make anything possible. With a talented generation of ICT experts, the country will undoubtedly have the advanced technology required to carry it forward into a brighter, more sustainable, and prosperous future – one that Huawei is proud to be part of.

Jiawei Liu is the CEO of Huawei UAE

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