UAE's Cartlow and Eros partner to support digital decarbonisation
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UAE’s Cartlow and Eros partner to support digital decarbonisation

UAE’s Cartlow and Eros partner to support digital decarbonisation

The partnership aims to increase the life cycle of products and reduce e-waste from entering landfills

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Cartlow, the reverse logistics platform, has tied up with consumer electronics retailer and distributor Eros. The partnership, which aims to boost the UAE’s circular economy, will allow customers to walk into Eros stores across the UAE and trade in their old electronics in exchange for the best retrieval value to use against their next in-store purchase.

The strategic partnership aims to boost the digital decarbonisation ecosystem by increasing the life cycle of products and reducing e-waste from entering landfills.

According to Statista, electronic waste has now become the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. The increase in environmental damage by electronics in the last ten years sparked the idea behind Cartlow, leading the founders to create the reverse logistics platform in 2019, to contribute to the sustainable practice by tackling overstocked, aged stock, as well as returned products from retailers and distributors to be then accessed and sold at heavily discounted prices to both consumers and businesses.

This partnership with Eros supports the UAE’s strategic initiative to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Customers who trade in their old devices will be given a ‘Green Certificate’ along with credit to purchase their next electronic device. Cartlow ensures that the old devices go through a closed loop reverse supply chain ecosystem.

Mohammad Sleiman, founder and CEO at Cartlow, stated, “We will continue to ensure sustainable innovation within our company’s practices. This partnership with Eros will allow us to promote in-store sustainability further, limiting waste to a minimum to ensure a brighter future for the environment.”

Cartlow says it has offered products up to 80 per cent cheaper than the retail price since it launched, as it aims to become the preferred platform for shoppers searching for their favourite products and brands at reduced prices and selling their old devices to reduce environmental waste. The reverse logistics platform also holds the R2 certification, demonstrating its commitment to environmentally responsible recycling practices.

In 2021, Cartlow launched VASCART with a mission to make retail more sustainable by eliminating waste generated from product returns and by offering a reverse logistics solution, in addition to providing retailers and distributors with different programmes such as return management, buyback, trade in and recycling.

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