UAE’s Allied Investment Partners to invest Dhs5bn over the next four years

The company will launch funds that will invest in fixed income, private capital, venture capital, trade finance and infrastructure

UAE-based wealth and asset management firm Allied Investment Partners (AIP) is planning to invest over Dhs5bn in different themes over the next four years, it has announced.

The company said it will partner with asset managers and other firms to launch funds that will invest in fixed income, private capital, venture capital, trade finance and infrastructure.

Each fund will focus on specific regions worldwide, said Iyad Abu Hweij, managing director of AIP.

For instance, the private capital fund will target MENA region and South Asia while the infrastructure fund – set to launch in 2020 – will target the GCC, he said.

The VC fund – slated to launch in the fourth quarter of this year, will have a global approach looking at projects in the MENA region, Asia and the US, while the trade finance fund will focus on African investments.

“It is a volatile market at present, but it offers a great opportunity to get lucrative valuations,” said Abu Hweij.

The Dhs5bn will be raised from a combination of investors.

“We are in the process of raising the funds and have bene successful so far,” he said.

The returns from the funds will depend on the location and size of the investment, and range from 5 per cent to double-digit figures, Abu Hweij added.

Shailesh Dash, AIP board member said: “Building partnerships with various international governments and institutions enables us to bring numerous and varied investment options to investors. We have already tied-up with more than 15 international and regional financial institutions.”

Abu Hweij added: “We are constantly thinking of new ideas to cater to our investors and prospective investors.”

Launched in 2007, AIP offers diversified investment solutions to institutional clients, high net worth individuals and family offices.

The company has two offices in the UAE including one in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and a presence in London and Singapore. It is also looking to expand into Mauritius.