UAE’s Al-Futtaim Group launches first Volvo electric car in the region
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UAE’s Al-Futtaim Group launches first Volvo electric car in the region

UAE’s Al-Futtaim Group launches first Volvo electric car in the region

The full-electric XC40 BEV compact SUV was unveiled at the newly launched Volvo Studio located in Dubai Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali

Divsha Bhat

Al-Futtaim’s Trading Enterprises, the official distributor of Volvo Cars in the UAE, has unveiled its first fully electric car to the Middle East, the XC40 BEV, a compact SUV designed for modern urban living. The new car was revealed at the recently-launched Volvo Studio, located in Dubai Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali.

Increasing the use of sustainable materials is just one way the XC40 Recharge helps reduce its environmental impact. For example, the interior carpeting is made entirely from recycled plastic. Over 200,000km, an XC40 Recharge twin has a lower carbon impact than a petrol-powered XC40 T5, irrespective of the charging electricity mix (global, EU or wind). The battery has a nominal capacity of 78 kWh. A fully charged battery gives drivers a projected range of up to 418km in mixed driving before it needs a recharge.

Oscar Rivoli, managing director of Trading Enterprises said, “The future of Volvo Cars is electric, and the launch of this model is the first in a dedication to a zero-emission future. We will continue to support and promote Volvo’s electrification strategy and its overarching commitment to sustainability by selling only electric vehicles by 2030.”

“Al-Futtaim’s inherent customer-centric approach drives us to continuously diverse our offering to satisfy the changing consumer demands. We’re seeing significant growth in demand for BEV technology and smaller compact SUVs as consumers are starting to adopt and embrace the new technology. Electrified cars remain highly desirable for individuals who appreciate top technology and want to integrate a more eco-conscious driving practice in their lifestyle. We believe that the demand for hybrid vehicles will continue to grow in the years to come as more and more people realize the benefits of hybrid mobility. This demand brings an opportunity for automotive manufacturers and dealerships to embrace the UAE’s vision and be a driver of change to support this vision,” he added.

Globally, Volvo is also witnessing increased sales of electrified cars. The share of cars with a fully electric or plug-in hybrid powertrain, the Recharge models, amounted to 25.5 per cent of all cars being sold globally for the first 10 months to October 31. For the month of October, the share of Recharge BEV cars accounted for 31.5 per cent of total sales, as the number of electrified vehicles continues to rise globally.

As part of Volvo’s pioneering shift in how and where the automotive industry is engaging customers and with the goal of transforming the traditional retail model, the XC40 BEV will be available to buy online.

Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover has laid out plans to electrify its lineup under a new chief executive officer, with its namesake luxury-car brand ditching combustion engines just four years from now.

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JLR, owned by India’s Tata Motors, will invest about GBP2.5bn ($3.5bn) a year into electrification and related technologies, the company said in a statement.

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