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UAEPASS app to allow verification, digital signing for gov transactions

UAEPASS app to allow verification, digital signing for gov transactions

The app will act as a unified login credential for government transactions

Government organisation Smart Dubai has partnered with the UAE’s telecoms regulator to launch the UAEPASS digital identity for citizens, residents and visitors.

The project, which comes in collaboration with Abu Dhabi’s Smart Solutions & Services Authority, the Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC) and cyber security firm DakrMatter, will allow users to access local and federal government services and validate their identity using their smartphone.

“UAEPASS not only helps centralise users’ logins and credentials, which eliminates the hassle of creating and remembering a multitude of usernames and passwords, but it also improves security and confidentiality when conducting online transactions,” said Smart Dubai director general Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr.

“This effectively removes one of the biggest hurdles to large-scale automation and digitisation and drives forward our plans to transform Dubai into a leading smart city, all the while making people’s lives easier and happier.”

UAEPASS will act as a unified login credential for federal and local online services and enable the digital signing and validation of documents to limit visits to government service centres.

Smartphone users can download the application from the iOS and Android apps stores to sign up.

The registration process involves scanning the user’s Emirates ID card, verifying their mobile phone number and email address and setting a pin. Existing DubaiID and SmartPass users can migrate their account.

Users must then visit a UAEPASS kiosk to complete their verification.

The Dubai government has a goal of becoming completely paperless by December 12, 2021.

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