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Why your UAE workplace must have this printer

Why your UAE workplace must have this printer

Workplaces have evolved. But have printers? Yes – at least in the case of Xerox ConnectKey

Printers. Let’s be honest: they print stuff – at least, most of us think that’s all they do. But just like phones have moved far beyond just making calls to being able to do just about anything and everything up to slicing bread (and they even can do that if you have a bread slicing app), and so have printers; after all, it’s 2019.

The Xerox ConnectKey isn’t your Uncle Lester’s printer – unless, that is, if your Uncle Lester is a busy professional who needs to always be connected and access files from the cloud instantly wherever they may be.

A variety of apps also makes it easier than ever to actually print or scan documents anytime, anywhere straight from the cloud. Gone are the days when you have to walk all the way across the office to a printer, place a paper on the glass tray, then quickly take it off and replace it with another to scan multiple pages into a single document (a process which, if you’re trying to scan several hundreds of pages, means you can literally spend hours a day printing things).

Instead, you can now scan a document directly from your smartphone or tablet, which then sends a signal to the printer to actually print it. In other words: it offers optimisation and customisation to fit whatever a person’s (and/or business’) needs are.

You can also put in a document into the printer in English and have it coming out in Arabic, while a printed document can be instantly transformed into digital formats like Word or Excel that can be edited, stored or shared. You can also convert them into audio files – courtesy of the Xerox App Gallery.

Featuring a tablet-like interface (you can touch, swipe, pinch and scroll just like any smart device), the device is also mobile-ready.

For security, Xerox has teamed up with McAfee and Cisco to help keep documents and files safe – no worries about someone hacking into a printer and stealing confidential information (or using the printer for other nefarious purposes, though fortunately the printer that turned into a killer robot in Michael Bay’s Transformers movies remains confined to the realm of science fiction).

To protect from potential security risks or cyberthreats that target printers specifically, the device runs a firmware verification test, either at start up or when activated by authorised users, and can send alerts if any harmful changes to the printer have been detected. Further, McAfee Whitelisting technology constantly monitors for and automatically prevents any malicious malware from running.

Let’s face facts: today’s workplace has evolved beyond the ability of any single machine to fulfill productivity needs of the modern, mobile, always connected workforce. It’s time to stop thinking about Xerox printers as standalone, task-specific workhorses, and start demanding more up-to-date, useful and useable solutions – after all, we’d all rather focus on our work, and not waste time with obsolete technology. In that sense, the Xerox ConnectKey printer is no longer just a printer – it’s a smart workplace assistant.

A smart workplace assistant, it should be added, that gives businesses the freedom to solve problems, be more sustainable and productive, and take on (and overcome) new challenges – from anywhere at any time.

Learn more at https://www.xerox.com/en-us/connectkey/workplace-apps or contact Xerox Emirates at [email protected]


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