UAE weather: Rainfall forecast in parts of the country with low visibility

Cloudy weather conditions will persist until Saturday

The weather in the UAE will remain cloudy in parts of the country on Wednesday, with rainfall expected in the western and coastal areas, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has said.

Light rain was reported over Dubai International Airport in the early morning hours.

The NCM also warned that strong winds will cause blowing dust and sand over the exposed areas, reducing visibility to less than 2,000 metres in parts of the country.

It also cautioned that the sea will be rough in the Arabian Gulf.

Temperatures will range between 20 degrees celsius to 32 degrees in the coastal areas, 19 degrees and 37 degrees in the internal areas, and 14 degrees to 25 degrees in the mountains.

Looking ahead, the NCM predicted similar cloudy weather conditions until Saturday, although temperatures are forecast to rise further on Thursday.