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UAE warns Emiratis in Florida about hurricane Matthew

UAE warns Emiratis in Florida about hurricane Matthew

The hurricane is expected to cause “catastrophic” damage

The UAE has warned its citizens in Florida to take precautions as the state prepares for hurricane Matthew, expected to hit on Thursday night or Friday morning.

Taking to Twitter, the UAE Consulate in New York said: “Attention UAE students, patients and citizens currently in Florida and areas along the US East Coast: Tropical storm Matthew is scheduled to make landfall sometime between Thursday evening and Saturday as a Category 4 hurricane.”

It added: “Please stay tuned to your local news and weather stations for updates and adhere to all official advisories issued by local authorities.”

With wind speeds reaching 205km/h, damage to Florida from the hurricane could be “catastrophic”, according to officials.

Evacuations are underway in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, according to news reports.

Speaking at a press conference, Florida governor Rick Scott said: “Do not surf. Do not go on the beach. This will kill you… There is no reason not to leave.”

The hurricane earlier wreaked havoc in Haiti where at least 22 people were killed and thousands displaced.


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