UAE traffic fines: Abu Dhabi Police announce discounts
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UAE traffic fines: Abu Dhabi Police announce discounts

UAE traffic fines: Abu Dhabi Police announce discounts

Abu Dhabi authorities have announced a slew of initiatives to make paying off traffic fines easy

Marisha Singh
Traffic fine discount - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Abu Dhabi Police has introduced an initiative that offers significant discounts on traffic fines for early payment.

This guide will help you understand how to benefit from these discounts and manage your traffic fines efficiently.

Understanding the discounts

  1. 35 per cent discount:
    • Eligibility: Pay the fine within 60 days from the date of committing the violation.
    • Exclusions: Serious violations are not eligible for this discount.
  2. 25 per cent discount:
    • Eligibility: Pay the fine between 60 days and up to one year after the violation is issued.
    • Exclusions: As above, serious violations are not included.

Steps to avail the discounts

Step 1: Check your traffic fines

  • Visit the TAMM website: The official platform of the Abu Dhabi Government for various services, including checking traffic fines.
  • Log in: Use your Emirates ID or other relevant credentials to access your account.
  • Check fines: Review the details of any traffic violations and note the dates they were issued.

Step 2: Calculate the discount

  • Determine the discount window: Based on the date of the violation, calculate whether you are within the 60-day window for a 35 per cent discount or the period between 60 days and one year for a 25 per cent discount.
  • Apply the discount: Subtract the appropriate percentage from the total fine amount to determine how much you need to pay.

Step 3: Make the payment

  • Online via TAMM: You can pay directly through the TAMM platform using a credit card.
  • Customer Service and Happiness Counters: Visit these counters for direct payment if you prefer in-person transactions.

Paying in instalments

If paying the fine in one lump sum is challenging, you can opt for the instalment plan:

  • Zero-interest instalments: Spread the payment over 12 months at zero interest.
  • Eligible banks: Ensure your credit card is issued by one of the banks contracted with the Abu Dhabi Police General Command.
  • Apply via TAMM: Select the instalment option when making the payment online, or inquire about it at customer service counters.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid late fees: Paying fines early not only saves money but also avoids additional penalties for late payment.
  • Monitor your driving: Regularly checking your fine status can help you stay informed and take timely actions to benefit from discounts.

By following these steps, you can take full advantage of Abu Dhabi Police’s early payment initiative.

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