UAE telco Etisalat begins offering home insurance
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UAE telco Etisalat begins offering home insurance

UAE telco Etisalat begins offering home insurance

The plan will be available to existing eLife customers for an additional fee


UAE telecoms provider Etisalat said on Wednesday it would become the first telco to introduce a home insurance package.

The ‘home protection plan’, offered in partnership with Union Insurance Company, provides coverage worth up to Dhs50,000 ($13,612) to the company’s existing broadband customers for an extra Dhs10 ($2.72) a month.

No survey or minimum commitment is required and all household goods and other items such as furniture, fixtures, clothing and electronics located within the premises are protected against fire, flood and accidental damage and theft.

The insurance also covers costs incurred as the result of loss of personal documents for family members and domestic staff and provides a facility to claim reimbursement for alternate accommodation costs if the home becomes uninhabitable for up to 14 days.

Etisalat, which competes for customers with local rival Du, said the general market price for a similar plan would be Dhs300 a year.

“Home insurance should be accessible to everyone and we are proud to bring one of the most affordable solutions to the UAE market,” said Etisalat’s vice president of home products Jonathan Haysom.

“Once enabled the service will give our customers the peace of mind, knowing that their home contents are covered should the worst occur.”

Customers can sign up through a phone call or visit an Etisalat store by quoting their eLife policy number and presenting a bill.


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