UAE Space Agency picks winners for inaugural Arab Space Pioneers Programme
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UAE Space Agency picks winners for inaugural Arab Space Pioneers Programme

UAE Space Agency picks winners for inaugural Arab Space Pioneers Programme

UAE Hope probe is scheduled to enter Mars orbit on February 9


The UAE Space Agency has selected 10 winners to join the Arab Space Pioneers Programme’s inaugural edition.

The programme, launched to coincide with the launch of the UAE’s Hope Probe to Mars, aims to build Arab expertise in space science and technologies.

The Arab Space Pioneers drew 37,000 applications from creative talents, researchers and inventors across the Arab world within two weeks of launch. Egypt took the lead with 19,391 applications, while 692 aspirants from the UAE applied.

The programme is divided into three tracks.

The Student Track provides an opportunity for Arab students to obtain scholarships in space science and technology and earn a master’s or doctoral degree from the United Arab Emirates University. The participants will receive training in the space research and development centres and laboratories in the UAE.

The Talent Track provides an opportunity for talented school students in the Arab world to learn more about space sciences and technology and helps build their knowledge by preparing them to join careers in the field.

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The Expert Track is designed for scientists, specialists, and professionals in space-related disciplines who are capable of contributing to the development of space science and technology, such as supporting the designing and building of satellites and processing of space data.

Participants in the programme will also benefit from a fully covered three-year residency in the UAE, a specialised training in space science and technology, an opportunity to build satellites in the UAE and also receive scholarships and other financial incentives.

“The Arab Space Pioneers Programme identifies the most competent Arab scientific talent, and works with them to translate their passion for space sciences into reality, develop their ideas through providing specialied training, and thereby, contribute to strengthening the Arab space sector,” said Sarah bint Yousef Al Amiri, UAE Minister of State for Advanced Technology and Chairwoman of the UAE Space Agency.

“Through inspiring [Arab students] to continue pursuing a STEM-focused education, the programme reflects the UAE’s vision to continue investing in the youth of the region for the greater benefit of humanity, in areas related to innovation and shaping a knowledge economy – specifically, in the space sector,” she added.

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