UAE reveals details of national policy on biofuels
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UAE reveals details of National Policy on Biofuels

UAE reveals details of National Policy on Biofuels

The National Policy on Biofuels will help achieve the objectives of the UAE Energy Strategy 2050

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Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure shared details of the national policy on biofuels WAM

In a significant move towards sustainable energy practices, the UAE has announced the details of its National Policy on Biofuels, marking a pivotal step in the country’s journey towards clean and renewable energy sources.

Recently approved by the UAE Cabinet, the policy underscores the nation’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and diversifying its energy mix.

Developed by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) in collaboration with strategic partners from both public and private sectors, the policy aims to provide sustainable fuel alternatives while fostering economic growth and environmental stewardship.

Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, emphasised the policy’s role in the UAE’s decarbonisation efforts.

He stated, “The policy will play an important role in our decarbonisation drive, contributing to reducing carbon emissions through increasing the consumption of biodiesel by 20 per cent by 2050.”

Highlighting the policy’s alignment with the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, Al Mazrouei emphasised its potential to enhance circular economy principles across various sectors, including infrastructure, mobility, and manufacturing.

Biofuels policy covers regulations and controls

The National Policy on Biofuels encompasses comprehensive regulations and controls overseen by MoEI to ensure the responsible distribution and utilisation of biofuels. It also establishes standards governing production and consumption, alongside criteria and mandates for domestic biofuel production.

Ali Khalifa Alshamsi, director general of the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation – Emarat – praised the policy as a strategic step towards supporting the UAE’s leadership in clean energy production and diversification.

Yousif bin Saeed Lootah, founder and CEO of Lootah Biofuels, hailed the policy as a game-changer for the energy sector, emphasizing its potential to foster a greener economy while addressing emissions reduction needs.

Salem Bin Ashoor, director and head of country, bp UAE, emphasised the critical role of biofuels in achieving global net-zero emissions goals. He expressed bp’s readiness to collaborate with partners to support the UAE’s energy transition agenda.

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