UAE says 30 companies violated midday work ban
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UAE says 30 companies violated midday work ban

UAE says 30 companies violated midday work ban

The ban prohibits companies from making their workers carry out any tasks under direct sunlight from 12.30pm to 3pm


The UAE’s ministry of labour said that 30 companies flouted the summer midday work ban for blue-collar workers in the country.

The ministry said that it conducted nearly 27,000 visits between mid-June to the end of July, during which the violators were apprehended.

Temperatures in the Gulf could soar to as high as 50 degree Celsius during summer making it impractical to work outdoors.

The UAE and other Gulf countries have banned companies from making labourers carry out work under direct sunlight from 12:30pm to 3pm. The ban was enforced from June 15 and will end on September 15, when temperatures in the UAE usually begin to cool off.

Along with the work ban, companies are also required to provide shaded areas for workers to rest during their break and keep them informed of their work schedule.

Working hours during this period must be divided into two shifts with each lasting for eight hours, according to the UAE’s labour rules.

Workers will also have to be compensated if they are working overtime, UAE minister of labour Saqr Ghobash said in a previous circular.

Companies found to be disobeying the ban are charged Dhs 5,000 per worker. Firms could accrue as much as Dhs 50,000 in fines if more workers are found to be working during the banned period.

The company’s profile could also be forwarded to the ministry, allowing officials to either reduce its classification level or stop its operations.


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