UAE reports 264 Covid-19 cases, 328 recoveries
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UAE reports 264 Covid-19 cases, 328 recoveries

UAE reports 264 Covid-19 cases, 328 recoveries

There are now 6,322 active cases within the country


The UAE reported 264 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, July 27.

The total number of cases detected in the country has risen to 59,177.

The infections were found following 47,229 tests conducted to screen for the virus.

However, of these, 52,510 patients have recovered from the virus. This figure includes 328 people who recovered over the preceding 24 hours.

On Monday, the Ministry of Health and Prevention also said that one person had died as a result of the infection. The overall number of fatalities therefore stands at 345.

There are now 6,322 active cases within the country.

“As per recorded cases, men are more susceptible to Covid-19 virus than women and the death rate for men is higher than the rate for women. Reasons include men’s tendency to have chronic and tobacco induced diseases more than women,” revealed Dr. Omar Al Hammadi, the spokesperson for the UAE Government.

With the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays, the government has urged everyone to maintain social distancing to prevent the transmission of the virus. The government has cited an example of 47 cases of Covid-19 recorded in just five families who attended family events without applying social distancing.

“We highly appreciate our frontline heroes of doctors, nurses and healthcare providers who are spending Eid Al Adha away from their families, to keep us safe and healthy. We will always remember and value their relentless efforts,” said Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention.

Al Hammadi meanwhile advised parents to closely monitor symptoms of their children and to prevent them from visiting the elderly or those with chronic diseases.

He said that children with chronic diseases such as respiratory and congenital heart diseases are more at risk from Covid-19, but that there is evidence that children are more resilient to Covid-19 than adults, due to differences in their immune systems, reported official news agency WAM.

He added that children under the age of 1 are, however, more likely to develop complications due to immaturity of their immune systems.

As for the average recovery times, Al-Hammadi said that this depends on the individual’s condition, age and medical history, and those with chronic diseases needed longer treatment ranging from 10 to 20 days from the date the symptoms appear.

If however, the infections are limited to basic symptoms such as coughing, fever and bodily pain, patients can recover in as little as 10 days.

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