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UAE Public Prosecution warns of life imprisonment for counterfeiting currency

UAE Public Prosecution warns of life imprisonment for counterfeiting currency

Those found guilty will also be liable to pay a fine of not less than Dhs200,000

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The UAE Public Prosecution has warned via its social media channels that forging currency could attract stiff penalties, including the possibility of life imprisonment.

The Federal Public Prosecution said that any person, who forges, counterfeits or falsifies currency will be liable for temporary or life imprisonment and a fine not less than Dhs200,000.

The penalties will be applicable if the person themselves or even through an intermediary counterfeit a banknote or coin in circulation, or a government security, in the UAE or in any other county.

According to Article 204 of the UAE Penal Code, counterfeiting of coins includes reducing the metal in any way or coating it with a dye in a way which makes it similar to other higher-value currency.

In June, the Public Prosecution reminded the public that misusing the national currency is also a punishable crime.

The warning came after it noticed video clips on social media depicting the use of the national currency in an abusive manner, with many reports about such videos received through the ‘My Safe Society’ app.

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It said that whoever, publicly and intentionally mutilates, destroys or tears up the currency, shall be punished by a fine, which shall be the greater of Dhs1,000 and ten times the value of the mutilated, destroyed or torn currency, according to Article 141 of Federal Law No. 14 of 2018 regarding the Central Bank and Organisation of Financial Institutions and Activities.

Earlier this year, the Dubai Police arrested a young man who posted a video online of him sneezing and using a currency note to clean his nose. The police published an image of the arrested individual, besides initiating legal procedures against him.

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