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UAE Public Holiday Dates For 2014

UAE Public Holiday Dates For 2014

Workers in the emirates can expect a minimum of 10 days off this year.

The first public holiday of the year for the UAE has been announced, with both public and private sectors enjoying a day off on Sunday 12th January to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Following on from New Year’s Day and the UAE’s National Day celebrations at the start of December, it certainly feels like the latest in a string of public holidays those in the region enjoy.

However, the next one is an expected four months away – the longest window without a day to publically celebrate in the Islamic calendar.

For those of you with itchy feet syndrome already planning your next holiday, the Abu Dhabi government has announced the list of public holidays for 2014 – a minimum of 10.

As always, dates for Islamic holidays are estimates as they are based on phases of the moon with official announcements made just days before they begin. The estimated dates below are marked with an asterisk.

Public departments including federal ministries will be closed on the following days. Private sector workers will have to wait closer to the dates to know which days they have off, but previous years suggest they will be similar if not the same.

January 1: New Year’s Day

January 12: the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday

May 26: Israa and Miraj night *

June 28: Ramadan expected to begin *

July 28: Eid Al Fitr *

October 3: Arafat Day *

October 4: Eid Al Adha *

October 25: Hijri New Year *

December 2 and 3: National Day


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