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UAE president orders $435.5m of payments to gov employees, civilians

UAE president orders $435.5m of payments to gov employees, civilians

Existing and retired staff will receive up to $13,612 each

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has ordered the payment of one month’s salary to all serving and retired government employees, citizens and military personnel.

A total of Dhs1.6bn ($435.5m) has been allocated for payments to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the birth of the country’s founder Sheikh Zayed, observed on May 6.

Along with state employees, beneficiaries of social welfare services will also be compensated.

“Zayed was the source of giving and generosity during life and he is also our stimulus to follow his legacy after his death,” said Sheikh Khalifa.

Under the plans, serving and retired government employees, civilians and military personnel will receive a basic monthly salary from a minimum of Dhs5,000 ($1,361) to a maximum of Dhs50,000 ($13,612).

For retirees the minimum will be Dhs10,000 ($2,722) and the maximum Dhs50,000.

Beneficiaries of social welfare will receive an additional one-month payment of their current allowance.

All the payments are due to be completed before Eid Al Fitr, expected to fall on June 15 and the end of Ramadan.

Last week, the UAE Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announced work hours for government staff during the holy month would be from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

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