UAE passport holders granted visa on arrival entry to Tonga

The UAE wants its passport to be among the five best for international travel by 2021

UAE passport holders will be able to visit the kingdom of Tonga without a pre-visa from May 24, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said on Tuesday.

The agreement follows similar deals announced this year with countries including China, Ireland, Paraguay and Guinea.

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Emiratis will be able to visit Tonga, which spans 176 islands in the South Pacific for up to 60 days on each visit if they carry diplomatic, private, mission and regular passports.

The ministry has a target of making the UAE passport among the five best globally for international travel by 2021.

The emirates climbed 11 places to 27th on citizenship firm Henley & Partners’ 2018 passport ranking with visa-free travel to more than 134 countries.

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