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UAE named world’s third strongest nation brand

UAE named world’s third strongest nation brand

A favourable tax regime, strong tourism credentials and low levels of crime have propelled the UAE forward in brand strength rankings

The United Arab Emirates was named the world’s third strongest nation brand and the 29th most valuable nation brand, according to a new report published by Brand Finance.

The nation brand rankings are based on various factors such as ease of doing business, ability to attract new investments, services to citizens and the safety level afforded to them.

With a total brand value of $403bn, the UAE was placed right behind Singapore and Switzerland in the brand strength rankings.

“The highly favourable tax regime, for which it is the top ranked country on the Brand Strength Index, makes investment its strong suit,” the report said.

The Emirates has also been ranked highly by World Bank for its ease in doing business. The UAE was pushed up to the 22nd position in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2015 list after the country introduced a number of economic reforms.

Brand Finance said that the UAE’s drive to boost visitor numbers has also impacted its brand strength.

“The UAE’s tourism score is on a regular upwards trajectory. Like Singapore, the Emirates has woken up to the risk of perceptions of sterility.” Brand Finance noted that the UAE is constructing various cultural and leisure attractions such as theme parks and museums to drive tourism in the coming few years.

Qatar was ranked the ninth strongest nation brand, mainly due to its appeal as investment destination, the report noted. Unlike the UAE, the country’s tourism is weaker but the industry is expected to pick up pace once the 2022 FIFA World Cup approaches.

“Despite conflict in the wider region, like Singapore they (UAE and Qatar) are trouble free with very low levels of crime and disorder,” Brand Finance said.

“Though some may contend this has been achieved at the expense of civil society, there is no doubt that Dubai, Abu Dhabi and increasingly Doha have vast appeal for investors, highly skilled expatriate workers and tourists from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.”

Top 10 Strongest Nation Brands


1. Singapore
2. Switzerland
3. UAE
4. Finland
5. New Zealand
6. Hong Kong
7. Netherlands
8. Luxembourg
9. Qatar


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