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UAE motorists get 50% discount on traffic fines

UAE motorists get 50% discount on traffic fines

The discount comes as part of the country’s National Day celebrations

Authorities in the UAE are offering a 50 per cent discount on traffic fines as part of the country’s 46th National Day celebrations.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan confirmed the directive to the Ministry of Interior in a tweet on Friday.

Following this, Abu Dhabi Police confirmed a 50 per cent reduction in fines and fees for confiscated vehicles issued between August 1, 2016 and December 1, 2017 in an offer valid for 60 days.

Authorities across the other emirates later said that fines issued between January 1 and December 2 this year would be eligible for a 50 per cent discount if they were settled within 90 days, according to Gulf News.

Dubai Police confirmed the news on Sunday alongside the forces in Sharjah and the northern emirates.

In Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain there were already 50 per cent discount programmes lasting from October 19 and November 19 respectively until December 31. These will now be extended.

Ras Al Khaimah also said it would extend a 55 per cent reduction on fines started from October 26.


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