UAE launches new IP system, aims to boost innovation
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UAE launches ambitious new intellectual property system

UAE launches ambitious new intellectual property system

In 2023, the UAE has witnessed growth in IP applications, with a 9.6 per cent increase in trademarks and a 29.5 per cent increase in intellectual work registrations

UAE launches ambitious new intellectual property system

The UAE is taking a bold step towards becoming a global hub for innovation and creativity with the launch of its new intellectual property (IP) system.

This comprehensive programme, consisting of 11 interconnected initiatives, aims to empower inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs by strengthening IP protection, streamlining registration processes, and fostering a culture of innovation.

The system was unveiled at a recent event attended by key government officials, academic institutions, and private sector representatives. Minister of Economy Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri emphasised the importance of IP in driving economic growth and highlighted the system’s alignment with the UAE’s vision to become a knowledge-based economy by 2031.

Minister Al Marri emphasised that the UAE recognises the significance of establishing an integrated legislative framework that promotes creativity, innovation and comprehensive IP protection for talented individuals, skilled professionals, creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the country. These efforts also highlight the nation’s active advocacy for IP rights protection through various innovative and groundbreaking initiatives.

Minister Al Marri said, “The new system is based on four main themes, promoting the comprehensive protection offered to intellectual property rights; reducing violations faced by patentees and innovators; resolving disputes; and developing the services provided by the ministry to individuals and institutions wishing to register patents. It will be based on AI technology, allowing enablers and facilities to support the growth of R&D-based projects, exploit the fruits of intellectual property protection and market them as national exports to foreign markets.

“The new system will play a prominent role in increasing the revenues of the national IP sector by facilitating the export of advanced national products and services based on innovation and modern technology to foreign markets. It will also stimulate the attraction of intellectual property investments by supporting trademark registration and patents, as well as work on technology transfer from advanced to emerging sectors by providing licences for the use of technology and knowledge.”

The UAE has already witnessed encouraging growth in IP applications, with a 9.6 per cent increase in trademarks and a 29.5 per cent increase in intellectual work registrations in 2023. Patent applications also grew by 19.5 per cent.

Pillars of the new IP system

  • The system prioritises comprehensive protection for all forms of intellectual property, including trademarks, patents, and copyrights.
  • It aims to minimise infringement and empower innovators to secure their rights effectively.
  • Introduce streamlined mechanisms for resolving IP disputes will be established.
  • User-friendly platforms and AI-powered solutions will facilitate registration and access to information.

The 11 key initiatives launched by the UAE

  1. The Innovation Hub is an online platform offering guidance and support to creators during the patent registration process.
  2. Patent Hive aims to increase patent registrations by 6,000 by 2026 through collaboration with research institutions.
  3. Emirati Fahes will upskill Emirati talent in the IP space, creating job opportunities and promoting private sector involvement.
  4. InnovLAB will boost innovation incubators, fostering competitiveness, and evaluating their effectiveness.
  5. InstaBlock, aimed at expediting the removal of infringing content through livestreams.
  6. IP Sport aimed at raising awareness of IP rights in the sports industry and boosting trademark registrations.
  7. One Day TM, which will offer same-day trademark registration certificates to accelerate the process.
  8. The IP Platform, which is a central platform integrating data from various government entities for efficient enforcement.
  9. Hayyakom will enhance the UAE’s image and attracting global companies by hosting major IP events.
  10. IP School will develop WIPO-endorsed training programmes for diverse audiences.
  11. A virtual character called ‘Aisha’, who will help raise public awareness of IP rights through social media engagement.

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