Live: UAE Mars Mission – Hope Probe enters final phase of journey
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Live: UAE Mars Mission – Hope Probe enters Mars orbit successfully

Live: UAE Mars Mission – Hope Probe enters Mars orbit successfully

The UAE is now the first Arab country to launch a space mission to Mars



Success: The Hope Probe is in orbit around Mars.


The UAE’s Hope Probe will begin the toughest part of its journey to enter Mars’ orbit today at 7.42 pm (UAE time).

The Mars Orbital Insertion process, which will last 27 ‘dark’ minutes, is the most critical aspect of the mission, with details expected by around 8.10- 8.15pm.

Nearly half of the fuel will be spent to slow the probe down enough to capture Mars’ orbit. The fuel burn will last approximately 30 minutes and reduces the speed of the spacecraft from over 121,000 km/h to approximately 18,000 km/h.

Since the Mars Orbit Insertion phase is as critical as the launch phase, the spacecraft will need to be commissioned again and the instruments onboard tested before the transition to science phase, according to the Emirates Mars Mission website.

The Hope Probe has so far travelled 493 million kilometres in space since it was launched on July 20, 2020.


The Hope probe is expected to transmit the signal to enter Mars’ orbit any time now.


The fuel burn has officially started and will reduce the speed of the Hope Probe from over 121,000km/h to approximately 18,000km/h.

Signals and processes all in place.

Officially in the Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI) phase.


The world’s tallest tower in Dubai, Burj Khalifa, held a special show to mark the UAE’s Mars Mission.

The UAE Hope probe’s entry stage into Mars orbit

6.43 pm


What is the Hope Probe’s capture orbit, which it will enter if it successfully completes the Mars Orbit Insertion?

6.15 pm

The UAE Hope Probe is 16,000 km away from Mars. Speed of the probe is 76,307 km/hr.

5.45 pm


The UAE Hope Probe is 25,000 km away from Mars. Speed of the probe is 76,626 km/hr.


Those travelling via the Dubai International Airport can also watch the journey of the UAE’s Hope Probe to Mars live later today.

“If you’re travelling through DXB tonight, stop by the big screen near gates B26 and watch history in the making as the UAE Mars Hope Probe enters the orbit of Mars for the first time. Streaming live from 7pm, in Concourse B near Gate 26,” Dubai Airports tweeted.



Dubai Opera dons a red hue to welcome the probe’s arrival to Mars


Visitors arriving at UAE airports are receiving a Martian Ink stamp on their passports, to commemorate the probe’s arrival to the red planet.

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While the probe has a 50 per cent chance of success, the UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stressed that the mission has already “made history”.

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The Hope Probe took more than five million working hours to develop and involved the efforts of 200 Emirati male and female engineers.

The UAE is now the first Arab country to launch a space mission to Mars, and if the mission is successful, it will be the fifth country to reach the red planet.

Once the Hope Probe enters the Mars orbit, it will orbit the planet and start gathering up to 1,000 gigabytes of scientific data about the Martian atmosphere. The data will be shared for free with 200 scientific and academic institutions around the world.

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