UAE launches early warning system for coronavirus
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UAE launches early warning system for coronavirus

UAE launches early warning system for coronavirus

The algorithms will identify a patient as high-risk and raise flags for the patient to be quarantined and treated immediately

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The UAE has activated a predictive electronic system to identify patients at high risk of acquiring the new coronavirus.

The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) confirmed that it has developed and activated the Wareed system across all its healthcare facilities, as a precautionary measure to protect the country against the epidemic, a statement said.

The early warning system will help coordinate and contain a potential outbreak; once activated, the algorithms discern an individual as high-risk, following which the predictive system will raise consecutive flags to quarantine and treat the patient immediately.

The Ministry confirmed that a set of tests and treatment protocols has been automated according to approved scientific standards, to provide statistics, monitor suspected cases and standardise medical practices across all health facilities.

The ministry has also updated its infection control policies and advisories to offer patients requisite care as well as to protect the general public.

Furthermore, the authorities will implement immediate solutions to easily screen, identify, isolate and manage such risks effectively, the statement said.

“With the risk and numbers of infected population rising globally, the MoHAP’s Wareed team immediately implemented protocols with in the Electronic Medical Record that can efficiently identify patients at high risk of potential infection,” said Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, assistant under-secretary of the support services sector at the ministry.

“The timely customization of the Wareed system, which links patient data in 88 health facilities and contains an integrated database, has already started to save significant time for our clinicians on the ground, helping them quickly identify, coordinate and manage a potential outbreak.”

The UAE confirmed five cases of coronavirus since the outbreak, the first four being members of a Chinese family that had flown into the UAE on January 16.

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The fifth case of an individual, who had also flown into the UAE from the Chinese city of Wuhan was confirmed on February 1.

In an attempt to contain the new virus, the UAE issued new guidelines for schools across the country. Any student, staff or associated family member who had flown in from China in the past 14 days, was to be exempted from school for a period of 14 days.

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Earlier this week, the UAE suspended all flights to and from China, sans the country’s capital, Beijing.

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The new virus has claimed 563 lives in China while the total number of mainland cases total 28,018, of which 3,859 remain severe.


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