UAE issues updated list of fines for offenders of Covid-19 safety measures
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UAE issues updated list of fines for offenders of Covid-19 safety measures

UAE issues updated list of fines for offenders of Covid-19 safety measures

The UAE reported its highest daily rise in infections on September 12

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The government has issued an updated list of penalties for those found flouting Covid-19 safety regulations.

The fines, beginning at Dhs1,000, and scaling up to Dh50,000, form part of measures undertaken by the authorities to tame the spread of the coronavirus infection, local media have reported.

The UAE recorded an uptick in the number of new infections early September, in the buildup to the Gulf nation registering a record 1,007 cases on September 12, its highest daily count since the outbreak. The death toll has also increased to 399.

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Following the steep increase in infections, the Dubai Police has issued several fines and warnings at key malls across the emirate over the weekend.

While 221 violations were recorded for not wearing a mask, 3,283 warnings in four shopping malls were issued in the emirate.

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The full list of updated fines are as follows:


  • For retaking a Covid-19 test within a fortnight without a valid reason
  • For misuse of chemicals for cleaning or pest control
  • For displaying, transferring, or storing food, health, veterinary, cosmetic or pesticide products incorrectly
  • For breaking health standards for employees in the workplace or at shared residence spaces


  • For breaching instructions to preserve health and to prevent the spread of communicable diseases


  • For non-adherence to social distancing
  • For not wearing a face mask at an indoor public place, on public transport, in a vehicle with three or more people or while walking or exercising in busy areas
  • For breaching preventive measures while exercising or taking part in sports or recreational activities in public or at hotel pools or beaches
  • For not disposing temporary structures, clothes, luggage or other items that may be contaminated and cannot be disinfected
  • For visiting a healthcare facility without a valid reason
  • For the owner of a facility that fails to take appropriate public health measures in markets
  • For the driver of a vehicle with more than three unrelated people (up to second-degree relatives)


  • For not wearing a mask at a workplace. The employee will be fined Dh500 and the person in charge will be charged Dh5,000
  • For transporting goods in a vehicle unauthorised for that purpose. The vehicle will be impounded for a month
  • For the management of shopping centres, restaurants, pools or similar establishments that allow overcrowding
  • For a company management that fails to sanitise public and private transport vehicles, including taxis
  • For a company management that fails to properly clean and sterilise equipment used in food production

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