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UAE issues travel advisory for India

UAE issues travel advisory for India

India has been rocked by protests against a controversial law

The UAE has urged its citizens who are in India or those heading there to stay safe as protests against a controversial law are taking place throughout the country.

In a message on Twitter, the UAE embassy in New Delhi cautioned Emiratis to stay alert and avoid the protest sites. Warning them to “be careful”, the embassy stressed that those who need more advice can contact its officials.

People across India have been demonstrating over the last few days against the Citizenship Amendment Act, which was passed by the government on Wednesday.

Described by the United Nations as “fundamentally discriminatory”, the law bans granting Indian citizenship to undocumented Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

In Delhi, protestors burnt buses with police using tear gas to disperse the crowds on Sunday. Nearly 60 people including students, police officials and firefighters were reportedly injured.


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