UAE incubator launches global drone start-up competition
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UAE incubator launches global drone start-up competition

UAE incubator launches global drone start-up competition

The competition by Masdar City-based Krypto Labs comes with a $500,000 prize


A worldwide search for the best drone technology start-up has been launched by Abu Dhabi based incubator and co-working space Krypto Labs.

The competition aims to find the world’s best unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) innovators while highlighting the growing importance of the industry, and will feature a high-profile jury made up of international UAV experts and specialists.

Judging will be based on some or all of the entries’ hardware, software and services quality, and there will be a prize of incubator support and funding up to $500,000 at stake.

Start-ups from all sectors of the UAV industry are invited to apply, including transportation, services, healthcare, defence, security, humanitarian aid, media, agriculture, and more.

As per Krypto Labs’ criteria to be considered for the competition, candidates should offer innovative, intelligent and realistic technologies that disrupt markets and businesses, while contributing to community development and facilitating services.

Dr Saleh Al Hashimi, managing director of Masdar City-based Krypto Labs, said: “Krypto Labs is a full ecosystem formed to enhance the emerging business industry and to discover the best and brightest talent and the most innovative ideas across the MENA region and the world.

“It is through initiatives such as the global drone technology start-up competition that we seek to draw out the world’s best innovators from every corner of the globe.”

Registration for the competition opens in the second half of January 2018 and will run for three months until the second half of April.


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