UAE increases fuel prices for June 2022
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UAE increases fuel prices for June 2022

UAE increases fuel prices for June 2022

The price of Super 98 has risen to Dhs4.15 per litre

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The UAE has increased its fuel prices for the month of June.

From today, June 1, Super 98 petrol will cost Dhs4.15 a litre, up 13.4 per cent from last month’s Dhs3.66 a litre.

Special 95 will cost Dhs4.03 per litre this month, a 13.52 per cent surge from last month’s price of Dhs3.55.

Meanwhile, the price of diesel has been raised 1.47 per cent from Dhs4.08 in May to Dhs4.14 per litre.

Price for E-Plus 91 has surged to Dhs3.96 in June from Dhs3.48 in May.

Crude has soared this year as the crisis in Europe tightened global supplies at a time of rising demand, depleting stockpiles and boosting product prices to all-time highs. Oil prices have also been lifted as US motorists kick off the nation’s busy summer-driving season just as authorities in China loosen anti-virus curbs that had hurt energy consumption.

With inputs from Bloomberg

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