UAE Hits Out At Pakistan’s Neutral Stand In Yemen Crisis
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UAE Hits Out At Pakistan’s Neutral Stand In Yemen Crisis

UAE Hits Out At Pakistan’s Neutral Stand In Yemen Crisis

UAE Minister Anwar Gargash has criticised Pakistan for not sending military assistance to the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Houthi militants.


The UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs has condemned Pakistan’s decision to remain neutral in the ongoing Yemen crisis.

Pakistan’s parliament passed a resolution late last week deciding not to engage militarily in Yemen’s conflict but has pledged support to its long standing ally Saudi Arabia in the face of any imminent threat to its territory.

However, the move has not gone well with its Gulf Arab allies who were banking on Pakistan’s military support.

In a series of tweets, UAE Minister Anwar Gargash criticised Pakistan as he pointed out that Tehran seemed to be more important to its ally.

He also noted that Pakistan’s decision showed that upholding the security situation in Yemen remains the sole responsibility of the Arab states.

However, Riyadh has downplayed Pakistan parliament’s decision to not send troops to aid its Yemen operations saying that the government has not announced an official stand till now.

“The presence of our Pakistani brothers would be an addition, but the lack of their ground, naval or air deployment will not affect the operations of the coalition,” Coalition spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri told reporters.

Unlike the widespread support for action against ISIL, responses to Yemen crisis have been divided.

Aside from Pakistan, Turkey and Oman have also decided to adopt a neutral stand about intervention in Yemen. They have justified their decision by saying that the best way forward is through dialogue.

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have been conducting air strikes against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, whom they say have overthrown the legitimate government.

But despite asserting its influence in the region, the world’s biggest oil exporter is concerned that the crisis in Yemen, with which it shares a border, will spill over to its territory.

In addition, the Kingdom is also concerned about the growing role of its archrival Iran in the region.


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