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UAE fuel prices to dip for the first time in 2017

UAE fuel prices to dip for the first time in 2017

Prices have risen in consecutive months since the start of the year

The UAE has announced the first decrease in fuel prices this year following the recent dip in oil prices.

From April 1, the cost of Super 98 will drop from Dhs2.03 to Dhs1.95 per litre, Special 95 from Dhs1.92 to Dhs1.84 and E Plus-91 from Dhs1.85 to Dhs1.77.

Diesel prices will also reduce from Dhs2.02 to Dhs1.95.

UAE fuel prices are linked to international oil markets, which have dipped in recent weeks due to concerns of production growth.

Brent crude stood at $56.65 a barrel when March prices were announced compared to just over $51 today.

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US West Texas Intermediate crude hit its lowest point since November this month amid concerns of new supply entering the market.

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