UAE-based Yalla Esports announces new strategic partnerships
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UAE-based Yalla Esports announces new strategic partnerships

UAE-based Yalla Esports announces new strategic partnerships

Collaboration with Zain Esports and Tokyo Games involves unlocking the potential of regional talent – players, casters, analysts, and commentators

Divsha Bhat

Yalla Esports has formed a partnership with Zain Esports and Tokyo Games. The Middle East-based esports team and full-service gaming agency will develop an opportunity for gamers in the region with its partners, including Logitech and Western Digital.

Together with Zain, the two companies will join forces across multiple campaigns and events and roll out a series of exciting regional tournaments, activations, and live shows, including the sponsorship of Yalla Esports professional teams and players.

Tokyo Games is Saudi Arabia’s video game and entertainment software retailer with operations in 14 stores which will sponsor Yalla teams and support its expansion in the kingdom. In addition, Yalla’s official jersey and merchandise will be made available in all Tokyo Games stores. Together, they plan on building opportunities for Saudi Arabians in the gaming sector.

Commenting on the partnerships, Yalla Esports founder and CEO Klaus Kajetski said, “Through these partnerships, gamers across the region can look forward to receiving more opportunities to participate in events and tournaments and gain access to more engaging and interactive content.”

“With Tokyo Games’ success and network built over the years and Yalla Esports’ knowledge and know-how, we hope to elevate the gamer experience and nurture talent in Saudi Arabia.” said Bandar Alireza, Tokyo Games CEO

These long-term partnerships will also focus on unlocking the potential of aspiring professional players, casters, analysts, and commentators for Arabic production while creating a conducive environment that enables them to self-develop and thrive.

According to Newzoo, the Middle East and Africa is the fastest-growing gaming region in the world. In 2020, it generated $6.2 billion in revenues, a +30.2 per cent growth from 2019 (for a global average of +19.6 per cent), carried by the broadest smartphone penetration in the world, a popular PC and console gaming culture and a highly engaged online streaming audience.

Earlier this year, the Global Esports Federation welcomed its 100th member federation – the Emirates Esports, representing the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Under the leadership of Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa bin Shakhbout al Nahyan, as president, it actively promotes esports in the UAE and is firmly committed to advancing the GEF’s values of equality, fair play, diversity, inclusion, and innovation.

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