UAE Armed Forces sign over Dhs7bn deals on day two of IDEX and NAVDEX 2021
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UAE Armed Forces sign over Dhs7bn deals on day two of IDEX and NAVDEX 2021

UAE Armed Forces sign over Dhs7bn deals on day two of IDEX and NAVDEX 2021

On day two, the UAE Armed Forces signed Dhs6.983bn worth of contracts with international companies, representing 95 percent of the total deal value for the day


The UAE Armed Forces signed a total of 11 deals worth Dhs7.293bn on day two of the ongoing International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) and the Naval Defence Exhibition (NAVDEX) 2021 being held within Abu Dhabi.

“Nine contracts were awarded to international companies, while two deals were finalised with companies based in the UAE,” said Staff Brigadier-General Mohammed Al Hassani, official Spokesperson of the IDEX and NAVDEX.

Of these, the total amount of deals signed with international companies amounted to Dhs6.983bn, which is 95 percent of the total deal value for day two, and Dhs310m deals were agreed with UAE companies.

“The most prominent deals struck today have been contracts with the Swedish company, SAAB AB, to purchase G6000 early warning aircraft for the Air Defence Command and Air Force, at a value of Dhs3.74bn, alongside agreements with the global American defence company, Raytheon to purchase Patriot GEM-T missiles for the Air Force and Air Defence Command, at a value of Dhs2.61bn,” Naval Staff Colonel Fahed Nasser Al Thehli, official spokesperson for NAVDEX, said on Monday.

A deal was also signed with Ferretti S.P.A Division Ferretti to purchase high-speed assault vessels for the naval forces valued at Dhs136m. Additional contracts were signed with Beltech Export, which will provide technical support for electronic target systems for the Air Defence Command in a contract valued at Dhs30m. Agreements worth Dhs27m were signed with Hesco Bastion for the purchase of defensive barriers for the Land Forces Command.

“Further agreements were implemented with the Swiss company, RUVEX-AG, providing technical support and training for BMP3 simulator systems, with a value of Dhs3m. In addition, agreements were implemented with Euro-Art International Ewiv to provide spare parts, training, and technical support for the General Maintenance Corps, with a value of Dhs110m. Further deals have been agreed with Safran Electronics & Defence, providing maintenance and repair at a value of Dhs85m. Further deals have been implemented with DTEC Naval Industries, purchasing traffic boats of 50 metres in length for coastal protection, worth of Dhs233m.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Sarah Al Hajri, added: “Additional agreements were put in place with International Golden Group IGG, purchasing rockets for 122mm rockets at a cost Dhs285m. Further deals were implemented with Ahmed Almazroei Metal Industries, for providing technical support and installation of weapon bases, alongside maintenance of moving targets for training directorate, at a value of Dsh25m.”

On day one of the exhibition, the UAE Armed Forces signed 19 deals, cumulatively worth Dhs5.03bn, bringing the total value of all deals signed by the UAE Armed Forces at the exhibition to Dhs12.323bn.

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