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UAE announces petrol prices for January 2020

UAE announces petrol prices for January 2020

Prices are unchanged from December 2019

The UAE has announced petrol prices for January 2020, keeping them at the same rate at December.

The prices have been fixed at Dhs2.24 per litre for Super 98 petrol, while one litre of Special 95 will cost Dhs2.12.

Diesel will also continue to cost Dhs2.38 a litre.

The UAE links fuel prices to movements in international oil rates, which have seen high volatility in recent months.

In 2019, fuel prices faced hikes for fourth consecutive months until rates were cut by 10 per cent in July.

They were again increased in August, and reduced in September, October and November.

Prices in December were hiked by around 1.6 per cent.


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